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“My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style!”  
Maya Angelou 

How can I support you

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Want to do things differently? Ready for a  shift? 

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Through my mindset  coaching, I love helping my clients and students learn the habits and thought patterns that have led them to their success and break those that have worked against them. 

Through my productivity coaching service, I love helping my clients prioritize their daily lives, minimize distractions, get organized, and develop productive lifestyles without being exhausted at the end of the day! 

If you are ready for your next level of success, with me you will have:

 - one-on-one support, guidance, & results-proven resources

-someone to help you get clear, challenge you to reach that next level

-and stay on track! 

ahhhh, isn’t that refreshing😊

-Your Mindset & Productivity Coach,


Let's begin the fun part!


Life Coaching in Florida

You’ve decided…it’s time. You’ve taken a hard look around and realized your daily life is running YOU. If you only had a chance to set it all out in front – to clearly see how it’s all supposed to fit together – you’d be free to take massive action toward your goals.

Through my life coaching services, we will partner together so you can gain clarity on where you want to go, identify anything that is holding you back, along with what has helped you, take realistic action towards getting there, and stay accountable while doing so. Everyone’s needs, goals, desires, and motivations are different, so we’ll focus on action that works for YOU. 

…and we’ll have some fun along the way!

the process

How to get started.....

Step 1: I invite you to check out the Services, About Makeala, and Programs pages  to get to know more about me and my coaching process. 


Step 2: Click here or at the top of any page to fill out the brief pre-strategy session form to see if me and my services are a good fit for you. 

Step 3: Based on your responses,  you'll receive an invite to schedule a complimentary phone strategy session where we can determine where you’re at and which direction we need to go!

If my services do not support  what you are looking to achieve, you'll still receive a response from me.


Step 4: During the strategy session,  we'll discover more about your goals then discuss the coaching program that is the best fit. Let's start!

I Love to work with people who ...

Aspire to persistently achieve....and, have fun while doing so! 


(Photos omitted for client privacy)

UPDATED 12/3/ 22: These are some reviews of my  coaching videos and courses I have on Burn Along, Health and Wellness platform. They reflect Dec 2021-Dec 3, 2022


5401 S Kirkman Rd Ste 310

Orlando, FL 32819

5401 S Kirkman Rd Ste 310

Orlando, FL 32819

If you are ready and motivated to make changes in your life, click here to schedule your Strategy Session!

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