“My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style!”  
Maya Angelou 

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Is this you?  

Let’s see… you are successful in different areas of your life and now you are ready for even more growth! You have a list of goals and they look great on paper (or in your head if you made a mental list), and you are ready to make movements but not sure where to start?…You've read some books on personal development(or heard of them) and while you have achieved some success, you are just not sure where to go/what to do next?....Perhaps you are making a shift from a major life change and desire to move forward but just need a little push. If you are saying “yes, that’s me” keep reading!


Working with me, you’ll have support, guidance, results-proven resources, and someone to help you get clear, challenge you to reach that next level, and stay on track!  We will partner together to create clarity in what you want to achieve;  a clear plan and  direction on how to get there; identify any beliefs that may be holding you back, and take consistent action by managing your time effectively so you are more productive & less exhausted throughout the day. ahhhh, isn’t that refreshing😊

-Your Life Coach,


Let's begin the fun part!


General Life Coaching in Florida

You’ve decided…it’s time. You’ve taken a hard look around and realized your daily life is running YOU. If you only had a chance to set it all out in front – to clearly see how it’s all supposed to fit together – you’d be free to take massive action toward your goals.

Through my life coaching services, we will partner together so you can gain clarity on where you want to go, identify anything that is holding you back, along with what has helped you, take realistic action towards getting there, and stay accountable while doing so. Everyone’s needs, goals, desires, and motivations are different, so we’ll focus on action that works for YOU. 

…and we’ll have some fun along the way!

the process

How to get started.....

Step 1: Be sure you have checked out this home page, the About Makeala page to get to know more about me and my coaching process, and the FAQ page if you still have questions about coaching. 


Step 2: Click here or at the top of any page to fill out the brief pre-strategy session form to see if me and my services are a good fit for you. 

Step 3: Based on your responses,  you'll be sent an invite to schedule a complimentary phone strategy session where we can determine where you’re at and which direction we need to go.

If what you are looking to achieve is not a good fit, you'll still receive a response from me. 


Step 4: During the strategy session,  we'll discover more of  what you are looking to achieve then discuss the coaching program that is the best fit for your goals. Let's start!

I Love to work with people who ...

Aspire to persistently achieve....and, have fun while doing so! 


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Life changing experience!!!!. Makeala is professional, knowledgeable and patient. I sought her services to help me manage my personal and professional business matters, such as figuring out how not to crash and burn while focusing on work and family. She was able to coach me for both. Thanks to her I was able to find the balance between work and home, and achieve business success. More importantly due to her program, my life is more fulfilled. Schedule your session today.

Dr. Aneesah, DC, Daytona Beach, Florida 


5401 S Kirkman Rd Ste 310

Orlando, FL 32819

5401 S Kirkman Rd Ste 310

Orlando, FL 32819

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