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Due to COVID-19, all sessions will be virtual (phone or Zoom)

"I work with adults and adult learners who are motivated yet frustrated with trying to find balance, structure, and organization in their busy lives, and they want clarity and direction so they can spend more time doing what they enjoy!”

Can't wait to connect:)-Makeala


How can I help?  

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I believe in living your life by always moving forward. Every objective has a beginning, a course of action, and a destination. I love coaching people by meeting them where they’re at, teaming with them through their journey, and helping them cross their personal “goal line”. It’s always an honor to be invited into some’s life and see them through to a place of personal fulfillment.


When you have that little feeling inside telling you that there’s an area of your life you want to improve upon, then you have a great trait indeed. It means that you’re ready to start growing. However, frustration can set in when you don’t exactly know where you want to go…or maybe you just don't know where to start.


But that’s when the fun part begins!


I can partner with you, and provide the education needed to fill that knowledge gap. Once you know where to start, you can immediately take those first steps toward self-improvement and success in your life – whatever success may mean to you. Making a financial investment toward coaching and self-improvement can pay off in troves for the rest of your career and life. Reach out to me today, and we can see if we’re a good fit as a team. I’m excited to meet you!

Your Productivity Coach

Keep that forward motion going in your life by learning how to continuously work toward a happier and more fulfilled "you". And learn how to:

-Successfully execute your personal and professional goals by taking realistic action

-Balance life and career by creating a time management system that works for YOU

- Learn how your  mindset can help and hinder your progress

Education Coaching:

Study SKills,task management, Test Prep

for adult learners

-Feeling anxious or intimidated by academic challenges are all too common. But by learning to develop and maximize effective study skills, you can be mentally prepared for any test that comes your way. This provides relief from the dreaded "overwhelm". I can teach you proven memory retention techniques and note-taking skills.

-AND/OR, perhaps you are in need of a refresher on how to effectively study and retain information, so meaningful connections are made. Either way, Let's chat about how I can support you !

I LOVE to work with people who....

Aspire to persistently achieve in ALL areas of life

Feel like they can do more, and are ready to excel!

Want freedom to spend time how they choose, by learning my proven time-saving tools

Want to be more clear and decisive about their personal and professional goals…and how to get there

Are seeking a starting point, so they can establish what they need to learn and move forward

Are eager to start taking small steps now to reach their personal and professional goals

Clients Helped


"I enjoyed working with Makeala a great deal. Over the 9 months, she was very supportive in helping me structure my career and social goals. She helped me get clear on what I wanted education and career wise. I went back to school and was just recently promoted!"

Kelandre - Teacher Assistant

Fort Lauderdale, FL


“When helping at-risk student populations, Makeala was wonderful speaking to them and motivating them to exceed even their own expectations of themselves. She was an asset to each of the teams she worked with – easy-going, professional, and positive in her outlook and demeanor. I see great success for any client that has the good sense to be coached by her.”

Joy – Education Director

Orlando, FL


“Makeala Addell life coaching was an amazing experience! One I think many people should embark upon. In working with Makeala for four months, I was able to figure out where I wanted to go in my career and set realistic goals for having more of a social life.”

Adriane – Account Manager

Fort Lauderdale, FL

If You are Ready to Invest the Time and Resources, Contact Me for a FREE 30-Minute Consultation!

Discounts: Military, educator, and adult student discounts