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How I Work


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As the life coach, I show up consistently and on time using results-driven strategies to help my clients succeed. 

It’s important to me for any potential client to have a clear understanding of what life coaching is and is not before exploring working together. My clients come ready to roll up their sleeves and do the work to unleash their inner bad a** that's already there:)......I take my clients seriously and show up ready to support and have some fun. I like to keep my sessions relaxed so that clients feel comfortable to share and partner together in a non-judgy environment!

Coaching is a partnership meaning, my clients who have had the most success are those who have come willing and ready to do the work. I will always, guide, support, engage, challenge, and hold you accountable, but a large part of the success will be based on you taking the strategies and implementing them. If this is you, I'd love to connect!

I am here to support you along your exciting journey! 

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