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Coaches, are you listening or just hearing?!

If, according to most research we read, communication accounts for approximately 70-80% of our daily lives, why then aren't we all GREAT at it, especially listening?!

Today, I want to share a few brief tips on how to listen more effectively as a coach, but these may also be relevant in other situations. 

Obstacles to listening:

Being judgmental(listening to validate your preconceived thoughts about the situation)

Rehearsing(creating your rebuttal while the client is speaking)

Advising(giving opinions and advice when you should be listening)

Interrupting the client

Guidelines for effective listening:

Remember, it is about the client, not YOU

Do not interrupt 

Allow the client to finish his/her thoughts

Show interest(via verbal and nonverbal cues)

Mirror and Match-your posture with that of your clients

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