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Mid year follow up! So, about those New Year’s Resolutions for 2018.......

Today’s blog post is a short mid-year reflection as a follow up to the year-end post in December 2017.

 Almost 6 months ago, I challenged you to answer and reflect on the following:

1. What/who do you need to let go of?

2. What goal(s) did you set out to accomplish this year? 

3. Write one goal you have for 2018 as a SMART Goal.






4. What in your life do you want to be different next year?

5. To whom did you express gratitude and appreciation this past year?

For the mid-year 2018 follow up, think about where you are now in moving forward in those areas. Did you let go of the mindset, people, and/or things that held you back? With regard to the goals you set for 2018, how many did you want to have accomplished by this point?

As you reflect on where you are, consider the following additional tips on goal setting:

  • Focus on the part that you control—YOUR behavior!  If someone is taking a state exam, they do not control the curriculum, but they can choose whether or not to exhaust all possibilities and resources for preparing for that exam.  

  • Realism-To me, this one is one of the most important—if the goal and/or time frame is not realistic, how likely are you to follow through? And, what is realistic to one person may not be to the other. As a life coach, I could have two clients working on the same general goal but the action steps and time frames for achieving that goal may be different. Together, we would work to figure that out.   

  • What HAS worked previously? Consider  resources you used before that were helpful--“why reinvent the wheel” so to speak. Why not continue them if they yield results?

  • Get moving!  Follow through with your goals by implementing the 5 Second Rule

“ Anytime you have an idea that seems like a sure thing, act to advance it within five seconds. Why? Because your brain’s main job is to avoid trouble and risk, so in less than five seconds it will persuade you to abandon your idea.”  Mel Robins

See more on the 5 Second rule at

"I don't focus on what I'm up against. I focus on my goals, and I try to ignore the rest" -Venus Williams    

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