T3-Triumph Through Trouble

For me and my family, the year 2016 started with loss and ended with loss with the death of my cousin in January, my maternal grandfather in June, and my uncle in December. It was one of the most excruciating moments of my life. The hardest part was seeing my family in so much pain; my pain was one thing, but seeing the people I love in so much pain was heartbreaking. Although as humans we know we are mortal, death of a loved is one of the most difficult life circumstances to endure.

In the midst of the pain, I learned things that were important before but became even more valuable after the loss:

-It is so critical and helpful to have truly supportive people by your side. People who will cry with you, laugh with you, encourage you, and just simply be there in the way you need.

-One can learn much about a person through adversity, specifically, who the true friends are and what family members are really concerned and helpful.

-Grieving is a process--healing is part of it.

-“The darkest nights produce the brightest stars" John Green

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