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Save Time: Manage Stress and  

Create Balance, Part 2!

Free 30 MinuteTeleseminar December 3, 2019

at 6PM EST

Having  balance in our day to day routines may look a little different for each of us, but one thing is for sure, as humans, we NEED it!

Sometimes, to create balance and manage stress we may need to add, delete, or adjust something internally and/or externally. On 12/3/19 at 6PM, we will:

  1. Start with clarity on what balance means

  2. Discuss practical tools for creating balance and making stress work for you not against you

  3. Leave with the "reflection question of the day" which you will e-mail to me for a chance to win a free 60 minute coaching session (via Zoom or Phone) and bonus, remember, you'll leave with clarity too:)

Time to register! Register by 12/1/19. You will receive call in details 24 hours prior to the event.



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