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What is Life Coaching


So, what is a life coach anyway, why I am I looking for one, and why do other people hire them?

Life coaches help meet people where they are in their lives and figure out where they want to go next by providing clarity, direction, and support, so they can get the results they desire. It is a partnership; the coach and client execute the success plan. Coaches ask probing questions to help people sort through their thoughts and celebrate victories along the way!

*It is not psychotherapy or consulting. 

Why hire? Here are just a few reasons people hire life coaches: need structure, accountability, help them be reliable for specific actions, support, figure out what’s blocking them/what they haven’t realized is blocking them, and they heard it works!

You may work with a life coach for one, 3, 6 months, or a year, pending your goals and desired outcomes. Also, because life is ever changing, some people receive support from coaches throughout various life stages.

Is it for everyone?

No. If you are looking for and willing to do the following, life coaching could benefit you, and so could MY life coaching services!


  • Looking for support and guidance towards achieving your goals

  • An accountability partner to help you stay on track

  • Coachable-you are willing to be guided and make changes

  • Willing to collaborate

  • Willing to devote time and energy to make realistic changes

  • Looking to move forward with your life goals

Also see more information on the FAQ Page.

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